Wensleydale Waterfalls

The rain was trapped in Wharfedale and our plans to enjoy some photography were thwarted until we drove over the hill into Bishopdale and Wensleydale where it was dry and relatively sunny.

Sara and I have communicated quite a few times on Twitter so it was lovely to actually meet up and go out in her territory together.

I have visited West Burton a few times but the conditions are always different and I decided to spend some time around the back of the waterfall to make the most of the surge from the recent rain.  I have never seen the waterfall so full.  My favourite image is of the water crashing onto the rocks at the bottom of the waterfall as it illustrates how much water was in the river.

Sara and I then went to Aysgarth Upper Falls.  These are difficult to photograph as there is no access below the waterfall other than from the bridge which is too far away.  However, I was quite pleased with the wide angle shots that I took when level with the lip of the fall.

Finally we went to Cotter Force.  Access to the waterfall is easy as it qualifies as one of the "miles without stiles" walks.  The bank around the falls is very steep so it isn't possible to get up close and it is also high so we couldn't get down to water level consequently I only managed a record shot which I converted to black and white.