Washburn Valley

Last week I went on a small group workshop with Lizzie Shepherd to explore Nidderdale (near Blubberhouses) and to photograph details, trees and the Washburn Valley.

I really enjoyed my day in the valley focusing on images that are out of my comfort zone and that didn't involve sand, the sea and waves.  However, I did manage to find numerous bits of water which I was keen to investigate. The light was lovely at the start of the day but halfway through the afternoon a bank of cloud rolled in which made life more difficult.  However, we all had a wonderful day and there are definitely a lot more trips required to explore all the woodland and reservoirs.

Investigating detail within the woodland and in the water is hard work but rewarding and I hope that I have captured the essence and mood of the Washburn Valley in this gallery.  It is a lovely area to visit and one I recommend to you.