Spurn Head

Having spent an entire day trapped inside the house doing organisational stuff and other jobs I felt the need to get out to the coast and take some photographs.  It is almost 3 years since I last visited Spurn and I remembered that there were lots of shoreline features and big skies on which to play with long exposure photographs.

I invited my friend John Illingworth along to keep me company on the long drive as Spurn is another 40 minutes drive beyond Hull on windy single track roads which seem to attract slow moving tractors and trucks. There is so much there to photograph that it is wasteful to go on your own. 

The weather forecast promised us dry weather until 3.00pm so just before noon we retired to the local bluebell cafe to dry out and have some lunch.  Fortunately the rain stopped and although we had to beat another hasty retreat at 4.00pm when another mammoth storm approached we both enjoyed some lovely light, big skies and sea action.

We didn't get up to the lighthouse end of the spit at all as we were both fascinated by the lines of groynes and the destroyed sea defences that have now been abandoned and left to the whims of nature.

My favourite photograph had to be the grab shot at the end of the day when there was a huge, evil looking storm cloud that was churning in the centre and throwing rain out on the Humber estuary.  I think that was John's favourite image of the day too.  It was certainly spectacular.