Rydal Water Mist

The day after Grasmere Sports I woke up and staggered to the window for weather investigation purposes.  It was foggy but through my yawns I realised that this would burn off and hopefully produce some amazing effects.  Quick. Quick.  Where should I go?

As I pulled on the previous day's clothing (no time for any ablutions or prettifications) I decided that I would drive to Rydal and negotiate the wall by the A591 to try and capture 'That Tree'.  I wasn't the only person to have the same idea as two other togs were in residence but fortunately one of them disappeared to Brathay leaving just me and Barry Hutton to be amazed at the light show that unravelled before us.

I have to say that it was the most exciting hour of photography that I have had in a long time and probably even surpassed Saltwick Bay in January and Ullswater 2 years ago.  The light wasn't constant for a moment and every change was more enthralling than before.  Here is a small selection of my most favourite images and they attempt to tell the tale of what happened in the early morning of Monday 30 August.

Posted on September 4, 2016 .