Pirates Cove, Isle of Arran

A friend at York Photographic Society kindly wrote on my 2nd hand OS map some of the locations and walks not to be missed on my recent visit to the Isle of Arran. As I was travelling with a good friend who wouldn’t want to stand behind me in the cold whilst I took photographs I usually set off early morning with my camera and returned to the house in time for breakfast.

In addition to a lovely morning up Glen Rosa I drove 6 minutes up the coast from Brodick to a location called Pirates Cove. As soon as I arrived I could see that it was a place with lots of potential. There is a mass of red sandstone with strong ridges on the surfave from the Permian Period and there are also quite a few erratics decorated with lichens resting on the bedrock.

I did return to the bay 2 days later when high tide was coinciding with sunrise but the water wasn’t high enough to whoosh around the rocks leaving water trails so my ideal photograph didn’t materialise but at least it gives me a reason to return.

However, the light was inspirational so I was pleased with the images that I was able to capture during that shoot.

Posted on October 8, 2018 .