Isle of Harris: There are Other Beaches

My itinerary started with a visit to Luskentyre Beach as this is the place that everyone raves about as it has some wonderful sand dunes, white sand and glorious blue sea with a background of mountains.  However, I did visit some other beaches and I have to say that it was Scarista that stole my heart.  Not only is it completely deserted but there is so much sand that there are banks of it leading back to the sand dunes.  These make interesting curves and patterns looking towards the sea.  There are also a couple of streams running into the sea which form lovely patterns in the sand.

During my week on the Outer Hebrides I spend time on almost every beach I saw.  They are all truly wonderful and spiritually uplifting.  Whilst it is a long journey to reach the Outer Hebrides it is so worth the effort I strongly recommend them to you all.