Storm Ophelia

I have recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop run by both Mark Littlejohn and Joe Cornish and the outstanding feature of the first day was the impending arrival of Storm Ophelia.

The wind speeds reached an impressive 71 mph but the other notable characteristic was the saharan sand that was carried and dropped on the UK.  We didn't experience the orange sun but the light in the Ullwater area resembled that of an eclipse and there was a green and orange glow in the sky depending on the direction you looked.  When we got to Latrigg we were privileged to watch the storm clouds coming in from over Scafell and the light show was the most amazing I have ever seen.

The photographs in this blog were taken on Ullswater in the morning and then Latrigg in the afternoon.  We spent over an hour overlooking Derwentwater watching the storm approach and I hope that my photographs give you a glimpse of what we experienced.  It was difficult to photograph as the light levels were very extreme.  However, the conditions were also really dramatic with the view changing every minute as the sun managed to break through the clouds as they zipped across the sky.

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Posted on October 24, 2017 .