The Hole of Horcum

Having returned from four trips away in two months I grounded myself at home until I had caught up with all jobs.  As a reward for my diligence I decided to visit Hole of Horcum on what was forecast to be a lovely sunny day.  The plan was to then go onto Whitby for some well earned fish and chips in the sunshine.

Things didn't turn out as expected as the weather deteriorated as I rose up into the hills north of Pickering and I arrived at Hole of Horcum in thick low cloud which was being blown at speed from the coast.  Undeterred I set off anyway fully expecting the sun to burn through the cloud and then provide some wonderful light.  I was wrong on that score too as I only saw fleeting glimpses of the sun although I did manage to capture some of them.

In an attempt to capture what light was available I spent most of my time walking along the edge of the chasm rather than along the path and it was interesting to get a better feel of the geography of the area as the top path has a restricted view of the hole.

By the time I got back to the car it was even colder than when I started and having heard that Whitby was just as cold I cut my losses and drove home.  By the time I got to Pickering it was 20 degrees and sunny.  #badchoice

Posted on June 5, 2016 .