Peak District Thoughts

I have been to the Peak District twice in the past few months and I have to confess that I love it.  There is so much variety in the locations to photograph and there are some amazing places to explore and just enjoy for their own sake.

The edges on the east side of the park are fantastic places to set up and experience sunset but there are some fabulous limestone gorges which are incredibly quiet and peaceful.  (I can imagine that these places fill up in the summer as there are 4 major conurbations on the edge of the Peak District but they are great out of season).

This set of photographs are from may various wanderings during my week away in March and whilst they include images from my favourite locations I've also tried to give an idea of my week overall.  The Monsal Trail is a converted old railway and the Derwent Dam is famous for it's part in WW2 when it was used as a practice location for the Dambusters.  

Posted on April 12, 2016 .